Don't struggle through life on your own! There are various smallgroups in our church that come together for a specific period of time, support and encourage each other and by that grow in their spiritual life as well. Please contact us if you are looking for Christian fellowship!

Entdecke hier unsere Kleingruppen (Link zu unseren Oasen).

Twice a month mothers and their children (0-3 years old) meet at church to talk, exchange views, enjoy some breakfast, having a devotional time and taking time for playtime. Join us if you are interested!

While the adults enjoy sunday service, the children have their own sunday school inside the church building. It is important to the dedicated team to sing and dance with the kids as well as teaching them the stories of the bible and to encounter Jesus. After a communal time of praise and prayer, the children are divided into three groups depending on their age.

"JU", short for Jesus Unit, signifies what we long for: unity with Jesus!
We are a vivid group of young people that meet regularly to talk, have fun and experience Jesus. We believe that God is still at work today, his Word is timelessly and prayer is powerful. It is important to us that young people feel welcomed here and can be honest to each other.
Youth nights include a time of worship and talking about everything and anything. Collective dinner as well as games (board games, table tennis, football table...) and relaxing don't come up short either!
If you are at least 14 years of age, you know God or you don't, either way you are welcome and invited to stop by!

Die Royal Rangers sind christliche Pfadfinder, die weltweit aktiv und deutschlandweit mit über 500 Stämmen vertreten sind. Aller zwei Wochen Samstags treffen sie sich in Hilbersdorf zum Stammtreff. Draußen in der Natur haben sie Spaß, machen Musik, lernen Feuer- und Knotentechnicken, helfen einander und erleben Abenteuer. Über alldem steht der christliche Glaube, der fest mit eingebunden ist. Egal, ob Jungs oder Mädchen, alle ab 6 Jahren sind herzlich eingeladen vorbeizuschauen. Weitere Informationen findet ihr auf unserer Homepage:

We are a mixed group of young adults between 20 and 40 years of age. We want to experience God in our midst, pray for each other, worship God and learn about the Word of God. You are very welcome to join us! gemeinsam Gott erleben wollen, sich austauschen, Anteil haben, füreinander beten, Lobpreis machen und aus dem Wort Gottes lernen. Du bist herzlich dazu eingeladen!

Our individual families represent a large part of our church. There is a Whatsapp group for them to interact, organize day trips and fun activities as well as help each other in everyday life.

Our senior community not only include elderly people but more all young feeling people 60 years and above. Everyone is invited for coffee and cake to talk about life. In the center of our meeting is the exchange of views about a bible verse and worshipping God with songs and hymns. It is the relationship to our Lord and Savior that keeps our daily lives fresh and hopeful.

You are welcome to join us!